Monday, February 21, 2011

Devastator and Constructicons (V2)

Finally completed and took pictures for my second Devastator!
Done up the second piece cause i felt that there's alot to improve from my first.
Took on a different paint scheme and with washing, added more details to this monster.
Really like the effects of this one here!
Molds used are the same, but the connectors are more rigid and robust.
As usual, tamiya enamels for the base and details, washing with tamiya acrylics.

Scrapper in bot mode

Scrapper in alternate mode

Mixmaster in bot mode
Mixmaster in alternate mode
Long Haul in bot mode
Long haul in alternate mode
Bonecrusher in bot mode
Bonecrusher in alternate mode
Hook in bot mode
Hook in alternate mode
Scavenger in bot mode
Scavenger in alternate mode

Monday, February 14, 2011

Transformers Vintage G1 Victory D-336 Deathsaurus

Finally found a complete Deathsaurus.
This is a used piece but everything's very minty!
The flap has very slight crease, so little that you can't see it if you didn't look carefully enough...
so now i have 2 pieces of deathy...looking to sell off my loose piece now...

Transformers Vintage G1 Powermaster Roadking/Slapdash

Transformers Vintage G1 Powermaster Roadking.
This has always been one of my childhood grail.
Finally bought it at a local toy shop.
Item is in good condition and complete with all papers, used.
The box however, is not in the best condition.
But heck, its a childhood grail!