Monday, February 21, 2011

Devastator and Constructicons (V2)

Finally completed and took pictures for my second Devastator!
Done up the second piece cause i felt that there's alot to improve from my first.
Took on a different paint scheme and with washing, added more details to this monster.
Really like the effects of this one here!
Molds used are the same, but the connectors are more rigid and robust.
As usual, tamiya enamels for the base and details, washing with tamiya acrylics.

Scrapper in bot mode

Scrapper in alternate mode

Mixmaster in bot mode
Mixmaster in alternate mode
Long Haul in bot mode
Long haul in alternate mode
Bonecrusher in bot mode
Bonecrusher in alternate mode
Hook in bot mode
Hook in alternate mode
Scavenger in bot mode
Scavenger in alternate mode


  1. Nice, you invested alot effort refining this mod sia

  2. yah, i used a different method of painting this time round..i like it alot!

  3. Man, this is an awesome custom. The paint apps and the colours are so meticulous. The choice of base figures are also good. Simply gorgeous!