Saturday, November 27, 2010

Custom Constructicons/Devastator Version 2

Completed version 2 of my Custom Constructicons...Now it's letting the paint cure and apply some decals...Devastator cometh in very nbear future!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Custom Devastator chest shield

Made this also because it is a chore to find TFTM Dropkick.
Let me know if you need one!

Family Mart Lucky Draw Clear ROTF Optimus Prime

Also from Yahoo Japan.
Family Mart Lucky draw exclusive Clear ROTF Optimus Prime
Another nice piece of clear Transformers not to mention that it is an exclusive.

Transformers Vintage Micromasters Sixtrain giftset

Got this nice MISB set from yahoo Japan.
Very good box condition.
After Six turbo, Six builder, Six Wing, Six Train...
now i'm left with Six Liner....then my micromasters combiners collection will be complete!