Monday, August 31, 2009

Galaxy Force Optimus Prime

Bought this brand new MISB. but i've un-MISBed it...
Was attracted to this fella when i saw pictures of it in forums...
Can be combined with Sonic Bomber to form SONIC CONVOY..
Box and figure in excellent C-9.5 condition.
Never been transformed, only combined.
oh yes, this is the takara korean version, but similar from all directions, except the box that is not..

Starscream recycle bag

Starscream recycle bag.
For daily use though i don't use it...
bought it just because of starscream....

Galaxy Force Starscream

Was not really into galaxy force stuffs. But what the heck!! iz starscream!!
just got this MISB from the flea amrket...everything in excellent C-10 condition..
this is the takara korean version....
the only thing that it's now MIB instead of MISB...
now proudly standing in my starscream collection display!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Victory Leo/Star Saber/VICTORY STAR SABER

Victory Star Saber caught my attention late last year...and i went all out to secure this fella...
really enjoyed this vintage figure....
Both star saber and victory leo are in excellent condition with no yellowing at all.
Complete and superb condition!!
Missiles are on still on tree and original stickers are unapplied.
The stickers on VSS are from reprolabels as i couldn't bring myself to use the original stickers.

G1 GodMaster God Ginrai

Finally got this fella!!
Have been looking out for him and at last...God master GOD GINRAI!!!
MISB in C-8 condition box.
Powermaster Optimus Prime was my childhood dream....i remember going to the shop to look at it everyday....that was then and...THIS IS NOW!!! I OWN IT NOW!!! hehehehe

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kabaya Transformers: Fortress Maximus/Scorponok/Sixshot

Kabaya Transformers: Fortress Maximus, Scorponok and Sixshot.
The G1 tracks and frenzy is there for comparison of the sizes.
All 3 of them can be transformed.
Fort Max: Robot mode, City mode and battle station mode.
Scorponok: Robot mode, Scorpion mode and battle station mode.
Sixshot: Robot mode, Lion mode, car mode, tank mode, gun mode, plane mode.
These have been with me for at least 15 years, tucked away nicely in the deep ends of a drawer...only discovered when i was moving house...

E-hobby Exclusives: G1 Sunstorm and G1 Black Megatron

E-hobby exclusive: G1 Sunstorm and G1 Black Megatron.
Both are MISB in C-10 condition.
Includes the bonus comics and stickers.
Really feel like opening Sunstorm up.
Have been chasing the Vintage G1 sunstorm for ages...but the price is really too steep...fortunately takaratomy decided to re-issue this fella...

TFA Starscream Prototype

One of my favourite....Prototype TFA Voyager Starscream.
Prototypes are always my favourite along with exclusives.....
Furthermore, this is starscream!!!
Complete and loose.

TFA Swindle

Transformers Animated Deluxe Figure, Swindle.

Complete loose, and on display

TFA Wreckgar

Transformers Animated Voyager figure, Wreckgar
Bought this as a MISB item....But eventually freed it from its plastic prison...
Being the rubbish/crap collector he is, he transforms into a rubbish truck....

Universe Starscream and Cyclonus

My favourite starscream and his "colleague" Cyclonus...
Bought these loose pieces when MISBs can't be found anywhere...

Classics Starscream

My first purchase of this mold...Classics Starscream....went on to get the Henkei and Universe Starscream, all of the same mold but different paint job.

Henkei Starscream

Loose Henkei Starscream. Complete and on display.

Classics Rodimus

Bought this classics rodimus at a very late stage...months after the Henkei version was released...Fortuantely i bought this almost just before FansProject released the news of Protector.....the attachment for Universe/Henkei Rodimus to become RODIMUS PRIME....