Friday, November 28, 2014

Posting after 4 months!!! Decepticon Jets, attack!

 Its been a really busy time of the year for me…haven't really been posting much….but that does not mean i've stopped collecting and acquiring.
Just to start…i've finally managed to complete my G1 Decepticon jets…again, thanks to a good friend collector who helped looking out for these….and i must say, the jets which i've acquired are in a very good condition…The Starscream is even better than the one i have now. Well, there can never be enough of starscream..
All 3 seekers are pre rub…really crisp.

I've never been too bothered about getting the rest of the seekers (probably due to the recolor of a same mold)…but if opportunity came along, why not? Seeing these pieces in such great condition only strengthens my theory of "strike the iron when it is hot" 

Next up, the Coneheads…never ever owned anyone of them but all 3 came at the same right time.
Couldn't bring myself to take them out of the packaging yet (these are MIB except for Ramjet) but looking at them brings back childhood memories of not being able to own them. Damn, 1984 Rise of the Autobot cars….and Decepticon Jets!

The last cone head, Ramjet, i have to make a special mention. This is MIB with the bubble still sealed on car. The great box condition only makes it more attractive to look at.
The same time, i loose piece of Ramjet was gifted to me… Thanks (you know who you are)
Looking at the Boxart and read news of an orange canopy Ramjet, i got a junker Thundercracker to replace the grey Ramjet canopy. The outcome: SUPER!!.
Ramjet is now my favorite deception jet, after Starscream of course!

 The orange canopy really stands out…in both modes. and i'm all for G1 accuracy.
Probably somewhere out there, there is an orange canopy Thrust...

The seller really kept these in good shape. looking at them…30 years and they are like fresh out of the factory. really kudos to him. Irregardless of the reasons to why he is selling, he can rest assured that these gems will be in good hands.


  1. Nice job on reaquiring the Seekers again. I've yet to fully complete getting them myself but that's only because I'm so picky about what I buy.

    What have you been doing that has kept you away for so long?
    did you have to sell off your previous Seekers or is this just a second set for you now?

    Keep on collecting.

    1. Actually i have starscream and thunder cracker only in duplicates…the coneheads are a first acquisition for me….didn't sell away anything yet…for these jets other than Starscream, didn't really put them as a priority…but when the opportunity comes, you can't just let them go…patience pays off man…all the best in your quest for these jets!!

  2. Man, all that looks super sweet! Congrats on getting all the jets at once man, well deserved. I definitely agree with "strike while the iron is hot" or "make hay when the sun shines" and all that!

    1. Thanks man, if you don't strike the iron, you will regret! Such offers come only once in a blue cybertron...