Monday, November 25, 2013

The most fragile TF…D-311 Black Zarak...

This was an incidental purchase.
D-311 Black Zarak was never a priority in my pursue. Price and the conditions (always cracked) are 2 of the main reasons holding me back. 
This piece came along when a local seller wanted to let go of it. Complete with stickers applied.
NO GPS, YES! none at all! Box in a nice condition as well. Stickers applied.

When i was checking the condition of the toy during the transaction, i actually asked the seller to handle it…he was handling it very very carefully and told me not to open this, be careful of that.
Though heard of GPS and experienced it with my very first piece of bristle back (Monstructor), never knew that the GPS on BZ was so potent such that every owner is very wary of it…such that they handle as if it's a newborn. it's crazy.

After i happily brough the TF back, more feedback about BZ came along…"Do not transform this, do not open the shield, do not….do not…once you attach the spear together, you can't separate it anymore" i was like "WTH? i bought a TF and i'm not able to play with it?!!!"
The final statement was: "That's Black Zarak for you"
It seems that a Black Zarak in such a good condition would be a display piece in it's nice styrofoam tray. But i had to take it out to look closer….

I'm always drawn to the vintage artwork of G1 boxes….

back of the box and...

Close up of Ginrai artwork…one of my favorite artwork...

Complete papers with even the biocard…there's a friend who has BZ without the biocard…maybe time for me to gloat abit…not very often i can gloat at him...

okay, here's a closeup of the biocard so that he can see clearer….hahaha.

chrome on the chest and legs are perfect.

the "uncle" face…with this, it is actually not required to have the head on in robot mode as this covers the headmaster completely.

tried the headmaster gimmick to check out the power meter…of course not with Zarak, i used the head from Skullcruncher…if the gold tabs or joints on zarak breaks from me trying to "Head on!", i would probably be a laughing stock..

For this, i really have to thank the seller for keeping this piece in such a nice condition.
and also allowing me to acquire this piece at a very reasonable price.
Never a priority as i mentioned at the start but exceptionally satisfying to be able to own it.
am very lucky to be able to find rare pieces in super conditions…like GBC, GBM etc.
really a big thanks to friends and sellers who in any way helped me directly or indirectly…
you guys know who you are!


  1. Wow, congratulations, that is such a great looking figure. Are you going to display it in the box? Or are you brave enough to take it out and transform the feet? I want one as well but I would have to display him loose and I don't know how I would feel about the constant pressure of having him in robot mode and potentially breaking.

    1. I have taken him out of the styrofoam insert. Yet to transform, just opened up the chest plate, extended the legs but i didn't try on the feet... Would love to display this piece but due to space i have to keep him in the box….for now...

  2. Wow! Congratulations are definitely in order for such a beautiful piece! Stickers applied or not, you definitely had to buy it. You have yourself a centre showpiece that would fit into any collection .

  3. Congratulations on a spectacular centrepiece that any collector would be proud of to have!

  4. Wow, congratulations once again for another stellar acquisition in a short span of time. BZ really must be treated like a newborn, no joke. I was such a wuss that when I got my first piece, I asked my wife to transform it for me!

    My logic is that if I broke it, I'd never forgive myself, but if she broke it, I just cannot blame her. She just transformed it as per normal, without fear and without knowledge that its easily breakable, and it was.... all fine.

    I now have 2 BZ complete, just in case one breaks (oh, and I have the bio card, heh, so don't gloat hahaha) =)