Monday, November 25, 2013

Prowl, Prowl and Prowl

Taking these pictures and writing this makes me feel like a Prowl slut, but i'm not. Really.
Just happen to own these molds.
In fact, i'm already in love with the G1 Prowl/Streak/Smokescreen mold.
Just got a Universe Deluxe Prowl off a reseller. Yes, i do not have CHUG Prowl before this and i'm wondering why it took so long…fortunately, i did not have to pay a really absurd price for this.
Here's the photo of the 3 versions together…in alternate car mode.
The masterpiece as always is an exact replica of its G1 counterpart, sporting a Fairlady Mold.

In bot mode, the masterpiece is just slightly taller than its deluxe cousin,  but with tons of articulation.
The CHUG Prowl, disappoints me in terms of mold and robustness of the toy. Don't really like this version of Prowl. The doors are flimsy, pop out easily during transformation.
The G1 piece shown here is the Takara box reissue. The details on the face shows mold degradation, but as i've said before the mold rocks big time!
Masterpiece designs never fail to disappoint. but the material of construction disappoints me.

Details of the Masterpiece Prowl's head sculpt.
Very clear lines and you can see a fresh mold used. (look at a reassure Prowl/Streak's face and you will know what i am talking about.

I still feel the G1 mold wins the competition with MP Prowl close behind.
The reasons are the die cast, rubber wheels. The MP mold technically is far better, representing anime Prowl in all categories, but as a toy, it lacks the feel of a masterpiece…lacking the metal and rubber.
I always feel that the later pieces of the masterpiece, have not enough or zero die cast. 
TakaraTomy, please please please start to put in diecsat and rubber wheels for future masterpieces…

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