Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pre Rub Bluestreak

This is a result of being poisoned….
Though i have always known that the streak/Prowl/Smokescreen mold is one of the best G1 molds out there, i never really take a close look at it…instead concentrating of the sideswipe mold variants as shown in my earlier postings…already bought the Commemorative Reissue Streak and the e-hobby Black hood Streak, i stopped pursuing the streak mold…..BUT one of my pals, who is a streak slut (in fact he is more slutty for streak than the slut in me for starscream!) keeps talking about streak and how good the pre rub streak mold is…as i listened and listened and listened and listened… a virus, it slowly, unknowingly, infiltrated my senses…before i know it, i had to get one for myself….just like how Agent Smith in the matrix infected everybody else within the matrix…and i'm definitely not Neo..

Found a piece in one of the local shops in Singapore…surprisingly…..the best thing is, the box is in an excellent condition and supposedly, it is still MISB! but due to aging, the bubble has dried up and dropped off from the card back. The sealing tape at the sides of the box fell off naturally, due to the glue drying up….
Here, take a look...

Close up of the artwork…
I proceeded to un-MISB the "mysterious" best-of-the-best G1 car mold ever…
Result? Believe me, i was knocked out by this one.
The pre rub is really the best of G1s! The fit on the toy is, if i can say, better the the Masterpieces.
The whole feel of the toy really brings me 30 years back with the die cast, rubber wheels and all. The face of streak, very clear and distinct lines with nice details. Compare it with the reissue and you will know what i mean.
The pre rubs are the first pieces (after the diaclones) that are produced with the fresh mold and it really shows the quality. With that, i'm bought over.

Look, no flap crease!

ahhh…..yes, the picture of the elusive Diaclone Blue Bluestreak…and agin, when i keep going back to look at the Blue fella, the poison gets worse…its never-ending!

It has come to a point that i look at Bluestreak at breakfast….
The front car plate: Fairlady

The Pre-rub, look at the head mold, clear and well-defined lines…you will never find this on any reissue! 

Rear car plate: Fairlady Z

Bot is the reissue, car is the Pre-rub.
A far difference between them….oh yes, sometimes its More Than Meets The Eye at breakfast!

After this, continued with the pre-rub antidotes for the poison….managed to get a Starscream as well as a Prowl…damn poison….damn friend…but it's pure satisfaction…contradicting. yes.  To have a collector pal like that, someone who helps me get some of my rare pieces and then poisons me with even more rare pieces…*sigh* blame it on my lack of discipline when it comes to TFs...

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  1. haha, bloody 'ell, very poetic man. Streak slut, Matrix, Agent Smith, hahaha....
    You have been infected. But it is also true that Bluestreak is one of the best G1 molds - cool and pure (not like his mold brother Prowl with some many distracting words and many colours on him).

    The deal you got the MISB streak is damn good man. Good on you to open it.... MISB collectors will flip in their graves, erm... or sleep. whatever.