Monday, November 11, 2013

More poison….Maketoys Nova Prime

This is more poison from my beloved TF collector pal…
I started reading IDW More Than Meets The Eye comics and got to "know" Nova Prime.
Then was introduced to the piece that Maketoys produced: MT-03 Hypernovae (Nova prime). Couldn't get it the first time round, stocks were out before the figure was even released.
Maketoys then decided to "re-issue" but with some difference, not in the build but in stickers and colors (very slight) After I got poisoned, got my pal to help source for one. took some time before he could find me a 1st edition piece…Thank you my friend….for the poison and helping to get this….

 Here's the carton box packaging that comes with each piece. Even the carton box seems like a "collectible". 

The actual box packaging.

 Alternate truck mode...

First level bot mode…looks like Ultra Magnus as my pal says…
i find it abit too skinny...

Level 2 bot mode….additional rifle blaster, more sturdy arms and legs...

Nova Prime Final bot mode: Angel of Death!

All along, the stuffs that Maketoys produce are of good quality. Clear defined lines, nice straight cuts and the joints and moving parts fit snugly in place. This Nova Prime is no exception.

The overall figure is good…what i would complain about would be the weight balance of the figure and the size….
The wings hanging onto the back somewhat causes the figure to fall backwards, he seemed to be carrying a heavy back pack behind. But this can be solved with some posing of the figure.
Size wise, it is slightly bigger than a deluxe sized toy…so for this kind of price, i am thinking of a leader sized one, at least.

Those that didn't read the IDW comics before, would not know anything about him, just like me before.
Transformation is abit difficult with some parts forming (though all parts will be used in both bot mode and alternate mode). This is a very nice figure and i would recommend all Convoy/Prime lovers to get this piece when it releases in the mass market soon.


  1. Nice one man. And more poison. How come you still alive after so much poison? haha....

    This was hard to get and not sure if they doing another release. It's a very nice rendition of Nova Prime.... my Nemesis Prime!

    1. you are a very bad influence that i've to say.