Thursday, November 14, 2013

Diaclone Blue Swoop

This is probably the first Swoop mold i ever owned.
One big reason why one should get this: This piece is anime accurate with the blue chest.
Which means if you are a G1 anime die hard, this is the one to get…(along with the canadian red face Slag. Came across this on ebay when i was browsing the diaclones.
Really beginning to fall deeply in love with diaclone molds and pre-rubs.
The molds are really of the highest quality.

There's some stain at the top right corner at the front, otherwise the box is in a very good condition.

Styrofoam insert is in very good condition as well…surprising thing is, there is a diaclone driver included. Checked with a friend and it seems that there should not be a driver for Swoop….so it's like a bonus to have one in there. No harm keeping it right?

Used piece, with applied stickers. Some of stickers actually fell off but figure is in good condition with a little little bit of wear…chromed wings are without chrome wear...

Another though going round in my head…what if this is a K.O?
As soon as i got this on hand, immediately verified all details with a friend who owns an unused piece. Also went to the internet to find out more about KO Swoop.
Fortunately, this is the real deal. I am relieved.

Here, you can see a close up on the wings…nice right?

The next anime accurate Dino would be the Canadian Slag…let's hope i can get lucky once more...

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  1. once again, an excellent acquisition and a good score.
    this is one of the best (but not the best) diaclone pieces out there. Of course, blue Bluestreak is the bestest diaclone piece, in case you were wonderin....