Friday, January 10, 2014

C-353 Big Powered Giftset Redux

Big powered, the combined form of Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber and Roadfire. Can travel up to 9999 powered knots and emit a rainbow while traveling in space.

Well, recently there are some sudden interest in the Big Powered and the last time i wrote about this was like 2010 (here)….Thought i should write another for the new set. Back in 2010, that was my first set which had a crappy box as well as a Brave micromaster partner instead of the actual one. Few months later, i managed to snag one set which was in a far better condition and here it is.

Box with minor creases but far far better than the first. One of the few boxes with no artwork on the front of the box.

The back of the box.

A small piece of artwork at the back of the box.

Artwork is at the top of the box, but a pity as the space is insufficient to capture the full body.

Internals, nice and minty foam...

This set was released in 1990 and it's like 23 years now…to really have it in this condition, i have to thank my luck and a couple of friends...

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