Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unique Toys Warlord (Not Predaking)

Finally, managed to put the not predacons together into Warlord, not Predaking.
Final build looks good. back with the wings are somewhat heavier so it tends to lean backwards.
Legs are bait wobbly, because of the looseness on the legs of Sharpclaw. The Rhino and Bull is ok.

The process of building it sucks…especially on Sharpclaw himself.
The instructions are unclear on how to mount crotch plates and the abdomen piece in the combined mode. The crocth plates with the yellow side panels are supposed to be mounted onto the waist from the back, then the abdomen piece from the front…i ended up breaking the rear crotch plate. Have to glue it back.
Violence (Not Rampage) in the combined mode is blocking the Warlord wings, the wings have to be pushed back….As like any 3rd party gestalt, the legs cannot come together, the bots at the legs will hinder each other.


Here's a comparison with TFC's Hercules (Not Devastator)
The plastic is somewhat of a lower quality. Gives me a feeling that it is very brittle and breaks easily. (I already broke the crotch piece…) Compared to Hercules, i feel this is more like a display piece. Hercules on the other hand, i can safely pass it to my five year old kid to play with.

This is one piece going straight into the display and all boxes discarded.
Don't think i would take it out to play and transform into the individual bots for fear of some tabs breaking. The combiner joints and the tabs holding the gestalt in position are a tad too tight for me.
Snug is nice, but too tight takes away the fun of fidgeting with the toy…there is more fear than fun.

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