Monday, March 17, 2014

Acquistions amongst a busy month….

Have not posted for a long long time….Been busy with work and newborn daughter…
However, not posting does not mean not looking and not acquiring. Acquiring TFs must not stop, not even when there is no time.

 Along the way, got myself a Takara Vintage G1 Prowl, complete, used. Imust say, the vintage autobot cars are a must get! especially the Takara japanese version for the styrofoam where you can properly store the toy.
Together with Prowl, came the Targetmaster Triggerhappy. Bought this for a couple of reasons:
1) My loose piece has both tabs broken on the cannons.
2) We have no time.

FINALLY!!! A G1 vintage Takara Starscream is acquired! Complete unused with the unused sticker sheet. no other papers though….

styrofoam, good old styrofoam...

All my boxed G1 starscream. E-hobby Ghost and black starscream as well as Takara Box reissue are not here…which am i missing?

 Pre-rub Sideswipe. Boxed and 101% complete….but used..


  1. Slipped through the cracks and have no checked here in awhile.

    Wow, very happy that you finally got 22-Starscream, its a nice piece. To be honest, I have been looking out for SS for you even when I was recently in Japan, but there weren't any. There was Ramjet and Thundercracker, but no other jet.

    Very nice Jap and US additions!

  2. no prob B, hve not updated this blog for a long time as well...really tied up with work, newborn and stuff.

    Yeah, the 22-Starscream was one of my dream. i know yo have been looking, thanks. So now its that elusive Diaclone Starscream and the even more elusive Lunchtime Starscream...