Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening

Hydrogen Peroxide whitening of toys have been widely discussed and used on countless white toys.
I was looking at Squeezeplay awhile ago and saw that it was badly yellowed. Squeezeplay as everyone knows, has no white parts and yellowing to the colored parts are bad…i thought to myself if peroxide treatment can be whiten white parts, why can't it remove the yellowing on colored parts?
I the proceeded to dismantle the toy, got the peroxide and soaked a couple of parts in the chemical along with some healthy sunlight….

we can see here…brown squeezeplay arms...

After the peroxide treatment, the colors normalized!
Soon, most of the parts (except for the main body) was in the solution…
At this point of time, i do not have the treated, assembled full picture of squeeeplay but it works!

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