Monday, January 13, 2014

Unique Toys Sharpclaw (Not Razorclaw)

Just gotta hold of the last piece of Unique Toys not predacons, Sharpclaw (not Razorclaw)…just had enough time to transform the bot to alternate lion mode…combined Warlord (not Predaking) form in abit….

The box, bigger than the normal not predacons…why?

Because it had to house the wings of Warlord, the combined form. The difference from G1 is that Predaking uses the wings from Divebomb….Here, there is a set of separate and bigger wings…the crotch piece is a bigger piece which adds mass to the abdomen area as well..

The poster that came together with Sharpclaw…not too bad i should say…there's abit glimpse of IDW artwork there...

 Sharpclaw in bot mode.

Alternate Lion mode.

The quality so far for this piece is not exactly good. The first, Warhawk (not Divebomb), was really bad. The subsequent warlord releases actually picked up in terms of quality. The box, the toy everything improved. BUT, for this last piece, the quality seems to drop…not as bad as Warhawk, but it has taken a step back, playing with it for awhile, it feels like i'm playing with a K.O…some loose joints, legs that cannot be aligned are some issues i see on my piece..

Still i'm excited about the combined form. Stay tuned!

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