Thursday, December 10, 2009

Transformers Vintage G1 Rocket Base Countdown

Transformers Rocket Base/Countdown
Got this fella in Japan Akihabara area...Complete MIB with all 5 micromasters...Stickers unapplied and no yellowing at all!! But the box condition is quite worn down...but heck, getting ready for my coming Galaxy Shuttle!! Hahaha

The rocket base is an Autobot Micromaster base from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Interstellar hero Countdown commands the enormously powerful rocket base in his quest to free the galaxy from Decepticon tyranny. The base converts from a mobile launching pad and rocket into a full command center to aid Countdown in his ever-moving fight for freedom. The rocket is an enormous ship, and can transport the rest fo the command center via an unspecified form of compression. The base's equipment includes laser blasters, a repair bay and an interstellar communications and tracking center.

When planet Micro was rebuilt by the Powered Masters to protect the newly-developed Energon-Z, Moon radar's rocket base formed the core fo the Zone Base, a sprawling installation formed of numerous interlocking stations manned by Micromasters which served to defend the planet. The rocket base served as a launch station for both the trustworthy Autobot Galaxy Shuttle and the "Galaxy Rocket", a spacecraft which could transform into a small base itself, which both transported Micromaster teams to planets all across the galaxy in order to protect them from the Decepticons attempting to making a "Zone" of their own.

After defeating Decepticon attacks on various other planets, the Autobots on Zone itself soon came under attack by Overlord, Bruticus, Menasor and Abominus who sought the Energon-Z for their master, Violen Jiger. The villians successfully purlouned the energy source but the Micromasters did not give up, transforming the rocket base and launching the galaxy rocket in pursuit if the Decepticons. Unfortunately, the tiny heroes were stopped in their tracks by Black Zarak. But soon, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber arrived to put the Decepticons in their place.

The Zone base later came under Decepticon attack once more, this time at the hands of the monstrous Metrotitan and was badly damaged in his assault. Galaxy Shuttle was stationed at the rocket base at the time and was destroyed by the towering terror. The extent of the damage suffered by the rocket base, if it survived at all, is unclear.

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