Monday, July 5, 2010

Transformers Vintage C-314/C-315/C-317 Spark Dash & MachTackle (Landcross)

Actually saw these when i was in Japan (Akihabara) Mandarake Complex.
Wanted to buy but was following a Landcross Giftset auction on Ebay...So didn't get this piece then...
After i cam back and lost the auction, i managed to get my friend to grab this for me!
Nice toy to play with and fairly reasonable price too!
Ther sparkdash bots were a surprise friend was telling me all the numbers of the vintages...C-314, C-315, C-320.......then i said..."wait...let me find out"
Ended up getting this 2 fellas...too bad the third spark bot wasn't around....
The box condition was very good and so were the toys. Definitely a good buy!

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