Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kabaya Transformers Wave 6 Gaia Guardian

Transformers Kabaya Wave 6: Gaia Guardian.
Got this set together with wave 5...nice one too...kabayas are always nice anyway...
I would have thought that building these kabayas wouldn't take an effort...but to really cut out the parts and paste the stickers properly, i spent hours!
First up, Heatrock.....

Skyfeather....together with heatrock, they combine with the protectobots to form Gaia Guardian...

First Aid.




Wave 6 combined: Gaia Guardian.

And if you use HotSpot from wave 5 to combine, you get Defensor!!
Very very nice...i guess my wave 6 and Hotspot will be displayed in this mode for a long time...didn't have very good impression with Skyfeather and Heatrock in the first place.

and it is also possible to combine HotSpot with all of wave 6....adding Skyfeather as a weapon and Heatrock as a chest piece.


  1. So strange, I wonder why they did Heatrock and Skyfeather. I certainly like it better with Hotspot as the body piece.

  2. as a kabaya combiner i've to say they look a whole lot better than the previous one. now i wonder where my pre-order is :/