Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Starscream

Went to TRU Vivocity to get myself a Transformers Prime Starscream.

Ended up getting the Kre-Os...the starscream of course is for myself and the 2 small boxes are for my boy, for his christmas present, if he knows what that means.

Kre-Os are similar to Legos but is manufactured by Hasbro. to say it simply, its transformers lego. Yet to open up the Starscream (coz i ran out of space and Starscream can be quite big size from the size of the box)

the bumblebee and Optimus prime are actually quite ok. the troublesome part is that if you want to transform it vice versa, you have to dismantle the whole form and form it into the mode you want...my advice, don't ever lose that manual!

TF Prime Starscream will be covered separately.

I've transformed both just once and they are now in bot mode. Was lazy to form up the vehicle modes so only took the pictures of the bots.

Here's my 3 year old kid fixing the vehicle mode...

Optimus Prime is more posable (though i didnt show it here) and more sturdy in the vehicle mode. The proportion also dont seem equal.
The other thing i didnt like about Optimus prime is that I have to pull out the wheels from the plastic piece each time i want to form the other mode. I cant use the same plastic piece. and believe me, the wheels are pretty hard to pop off.

Bumblebee....less posable but more proportional.
But hell, the vehicle mode is fragile. you'll have the front and rear bumper falling off often if you play with it more than a couple of times. Sometimes i feel like gluing the parts together but that would mean its gonna be stuck in one form permanently.


  1. I'm still resisting kre-o so far, transforming Lego just does not make sense to me. Now that you say parts have to be pulled off and reassembled again, makes it more unlikely that I will ever buy them...

  2. Yup, actually i did not plan to buy the Kre-Os, just saw them when i was hunting for TF Prime Starscream. Just because of starscream, i bought it,,,the 2 small boxes were Xmas presents for my kid...If you not a fan of any specific character, i would suggest you refrain...the price is also not attractive anyway...