Sunday, December 11, 2011

Transformers Vintage Picture book

Came across this book on Yahoo Japan, curious about it so got it quite cheap.

When i received it, i was thinking i made a mistake...the book is so small (the size is slightly smaller than half a A4 paper). But when i flipped the pages, cool...about 30 pages of full color artwork.

the rest of the 100 pages are black and white, something like Transformers Universe. There's all the G1 characters. No headmasters, No Victory nor Masterforce. Just early G1.

No regrets...

Here's some of the pages from the book....

Devastator vs Omeaga Supreme

The Decepticon Base, the Decepticon "Ark"..

Some transformation sequences...there are both Autobots and Decepticons, what i shown here is only for the Decepticons...

Rare characters from G1 including Autobot X, Alpha Trion, Elita-1 etc.

One of my childhood favourite: Epic Battle between Superion and Menasor

Some artwork of Defensor and Bruticus


The black and white artwork of Transformers, including some characteristics of each character...but everything's in Japanese...can't really read or understand...

Usually the main picture would be the artwork for the box but some are just G1 cartoon of the character. In this case here, Sunstreaker is not the Artwork for the box....

My favourite: Starscream


Books are good, especially a Transformers book...This is definitely a good buy!

I'm definitely on the hunt fot the various Transformers artbook!


  1. Ah, that's a Kodansha Pocket Book, hence it's small size. These little things are always packed with transformers goodness, I just wish I could read Japanese.

  2. yeah man, i could use the ability to read and converse in Japanese...