Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hot Toys 12" Captain America

Hot Toys 12" Captain America!

Have been waiting for this a long time...

Finally its here!

Dont usually buy 12" figures but Iron Man and Captain America captured my eye.

Captain America is very detailed, even to the material of the uniform matches that of the movie.

The box....

First layer of the interior with an introduction...

The figure!!

Uniform and facial expressions are superb!!

I was told that alot of the Captain Amerias were sold with the star crooked...didn't know about it until after i received it..luckily it's straight!!

Back view

Side view

I finally have it in my hands!!

The shield can be mounted on his back just like the movie!

I finally have the captain in my hands!!!


  1. Hmmm... What about Batman? You gotta get Batman (either the Batman Begins version or The Dark Knight version)!

  2. Actually i have the Iron Man Mark IV...thought of getting the Mark VI but decided that Mark IV was better and at that time immediately available. (i didnt get it at pre-order, i got it at a much later stage, so its a bit more expensive) Now thinking of Mark I coz there's mention of it being reissued. :)