Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Transformers Prime Starscream

Transformers Prime Starscream

This is deluxe sized, by Hasbro.

Transformers Prime is a new animated TV series which i did not follow. But as a Starscream slut, i just have to buy this another one of his incarnations.

Build is rather flimsy and i've broken the plane tip. went back to Toys R Us for an exchange.

Bot mode is cool. but the wrist and shoulders arent really 360 degrees articulated.

Was too lazy to change it to the alternate plane mode so no pictures of the plane.

Missiles are made of rubber so customizers have to note when repainting this fella.

The tip of the plane which have to be rotated when transforming the toy is held to the body by a small plastic stud installed inside both plane tip and body.

and there is a spring stopper to hold the part in place whether in plane mode or bot mode. this adds more stress to the stud. ( I know this b'coz after i got the new exchange piece, i took out the screws and analysed what went wrong.)

If you twist the parts too hard while transforming, then likely the stud will break.

My recommendation is to loosen the screws abit then you attempt to transform.

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