Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purhases from Hong kong trip....23 December 2011...Victory Saber Giftset!

Was in Hong Kong for hoildays...met up with one of my collector buddies who's residing in Hong Kong right now....He got for me a gem, Victory Saber Giftset!

Then we went to In's Point at Yau ma Tei...its very near the exit A2 of Yau Ma tei Station, less than 5 mins walk. Basically the whole floor (i think its 2nd floor) are all shops selling toys.

Again with his help, i got a good discount for some 3rd party stuffs like Maketoys Bomber (powerglide) and Hover (seaspray), Hercules - Dr Crank, Heavy Labor & Structor.

I took out the boxes for the hercules-bots. The boxes were far too big for me to bring back, so they are considered loose...but 3rd party stuffs to me, boxes are not important and of no value.

The Henkei Minibots were acquired at a toy shop in Macau which i incidentally came across. Super pricing for the 2 sets of minibots!

Encore G1 Ironhide and Ratchet were also acquired in Macau at the same toy shop. Also at a good price.

Encore G1 Black Ironhide from Macau and Reissue G1 Inferno was bought at In's Point in Hong Kong...agn, my buddy helped me get a discount.

The Gem, one of the reasons why i chose Hong Kong as my holiday collect my Victory Saber Giftset which he helped me acquire months ago!

The box is perfect, almost in C-10 condition.

Complete paperworks.

Unused toys, bone white & almost perfect styrofoam except for a break at Victory Leo's Cannon.
Absolutely no chrome wear....

Victory Leo's missiles are still on sprue.

with the Victory Leo giftset, he has helped me got 2 pieces of my holy grail. (The first being the Goodbye Megatron). I can't thank him enough.

On top of that, he and his wife introduced me to a excellent hot pot restaurant where my family enjoyed the meal really much.

THANKS ALOT! you know who you are!


  1. Didn't know there were toy shops in Macau! Certainly something to check out. Very nice acquisitions overall!!!

  2. You know you are a true Transformer fan when you choose your vacation destination based on which rare transformers you can get there.

    Awesome haul, congratulations!

  3. @HD: yeah..we came across it incidentally! just beside St. Paul's
    @Colbey: Thanks!
    @Arkvander: yeah, it helps to have a disneyland there so that i can have an "excuse" to bring my family there! hahaha :P

  4. great acquisitions! :) do hope to get a great haul like yours when i visit HK :)

  5. when u going? i'm planning to go again in Mar 2012!

  6. me? October lah, got wedding to attend then :P so will probably save for the trip then :)