Thursday, February 16, 2012

Transformers Vintage Goodbye Convoy Giftset! Yessss!!!!!!!

At last i complete my Goodbye Collection!

Thanks to my buddy, i managed to land a Goodbye Convoy Giftset...and in the bestest condition ever! Unused except for one piece of Autobot logo sticker pasted onto the bots...otherwise, everything is mint!

Box is near C-10! 110% Complete with papers, the small piece of "Goodbye" paper and the "always missing" Poster!!

If you really have this piece at hand, you really can feel and enjoy the minty-ness of this set!!

Almost like its fresh out of the factory!!! Reallyhave to thank this buddy!!

The toys may not be as unused as my Goodbye Megatron set, but the minty-ness of the box is really.....speechless!

So please bear with me as i took alot of photos, quality of the photos may not be as good (Took with my iPhone) but it'll do...believe me, it'll do...Enjoy...

No wear on the box...except for the flap crease which is a pity...but not complaining!!!

Sealed instructions

Accessories still on trees and unused...

Unused stickers exept for one autobot logo each...strange right? but no idea why....

Small but valuable little piece of Goodbye sheet...

Minty minty Red Alert

Mirage...(I have 2 mirage now!!)

Also a second Optimus Prime for me!!

The cars in their styrofoam packaging...still like the old school styrofoam of the things about vintages is the styrofoam...the best packaging out there!!! nowadays using the vacuum formed just brings the fun out of the packaging!! Vintage collectors will know what i mean here...

The elusive Goodbye "Cybertron" a wonderful condition!!

More box pics...this is the bottom...

The corners...


  1. excellent condition!! :) congrats!

  2. Very nice piece! I've never seen one in such good condition, you've got a great friend there!

  3. thanks guys!
    Yeah...I'm super happy to be able to get these 2 sets in the super condition!!both my Goodbye sets acquired courtesy of my buddy! I owe him big time!

  4. This is in my eyes one of the holy grails of TF collectors. I'm just very curious how much did the set cost..... that is if you don't mind telling

    1. happy to share...drop me an email at and will let you know. cheers!