Friday, February 17, 2012

Fansproject CA-03 Thundershred (Not Shrapnel)

Waited awhile before finally deciding to get the "Not Insecticons".

I love the G1 pieces to death....But these 3rd party stuffs have improved so much that i just can't ignore....

By Fansproject, CA-03 the leader of the Insecticons, Thundershred (Not shrapnel)

G1-like? yes....ease of play? abit difficult. Thundershred, to me compared to the rest of the "Not insecticons" is abit more difficult to transform. Joints are very tight for the hip and knee ball joints....The insect legs can sometimes get into the way...articulation is there...when i look at it for awhile, i find the head is rather small for the bulky body mass...

Alternate insect mode is "fierce"....Looks like a real beetle!!

The legs are a little bit difficult to adjust to get it to stand straight. (The insect legs are all on ball joints)

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