Friday, March 30, 2012

Acquisitions from Hong Kong...

Here are my acquistions from my March 2012 Hong Kong trip.

actually nothing impressive but my best acquisition would be Vintage D-101 Soundblaster. Already have the encore version (here!) but like i mentioned, vintage is the best! and of course got a good deal courtesy of my buddy's discounting and relationship with the shop owner!

Am collecting the molds for the autobot a few reissues...probably able to get them in Singapore too but prices vary...i can say these were acquired of a reasonable price! Encore Skids, Encore Hoist, Encore trailbreaker, E-hobby Silverstreak, Takara Box re-issue Prowl. Managed to grab the last pieces of TFC not devastator, Hercules...namely Neckbreaker (Not bonecrusher) and Mad Blender (Not mixmaster). A newer TF would be the Generations Scraphead. Missed out on this in Singapore. Pretty difficult to find in Singapore at retail price. Fortunately for me, a retail priced piece found in Hong Kong.

Found another MOSC C-18 Henkei Minibots in Macau and also got another set of the Kabaya TFs (Rodimus, Inferno, Victory Leo)

The D-101 is good, very minty except the box has flap crease...but again and again, not complaining!

For the autobot cars, i'm now looking to colelct the molds so whether vinateg or reissue, i'm ok!! just a few more to complete the cars!!

Hercules is finally complete! After all 6 figures were released, there was a mad craze about Hercules in Hong kong. Such that everywhere was sold out! Luckily managed to get my buddy to grab the last pieces for me a couple of weeks before i'm there!


  1. Nice haul man! :) Wow!

    I have been reading Heroic Decepticon's blog (and sometimes Botch's) for quite some time. Only recently I interacted with HD. And somehow somewhere I got linked to yours as well :) Nice TF blog here! (I'll be starting one sooooon....*fingers crossed* )

  2. thanks man! yes, HD has a very comprehensive blog...and keep us informed of your blog!! cheers!