Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage Transformers Victory Greatshot

Another piece of Vintage.
Transformers Victory Greatshot
Used MIB complete with instructions.
One of my G1 targets...another one down!!
Greatshot is a sixchanger, of nearly the same mold as sixshot.
Instead of a lion, Greatshot is a Rhino and the head sculpt is also different than that of sixshot.
Definitely prefer Greatshot than Sixshot!


  1. Wait what...? He went to japan and became an Optimus Prime colored autobot?

  2. Actually Greatshot is a completely different character from Sixshot, and even for back in the day, there are 'significant' amounts of retooling / remolding, for a recolor. Sixshot is a 1987 release while Greatshot is a 1989 Japan only release.