Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transformers Toy Shop RoboRobo

Had some free time today and went over to RoboRobo at excelsior's hotel shopping arcade.

The shop justhad its display upgraded/renovated looks real nice.

But the real nice is actually from this display cabinet below.

Lotsa of Gee-wuns!!

All pieces are somewhat minty, combinations of MIB and MISB pieces.

They have a very nice browning and Darkwings giftset, almost all the G1 combiner giftsets.

Black zarak was there too but the box had 2 big tears in front...couldnt see the condition of the back of the box.


  1. i ask owner say for display, not for sale

  2. love your collection wish i had all this toys before when iwas younger cos my dad din't buy it for me and i also didn't have money to buy like i have now!!!

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