Monday, August 26, 2013

Ultraman Ace

Something other than Transformers...
Ultraman has been almost every little kid's hero before. My favorite is the 5th brother, Ultraman Ace.
Don't ask me why, i just like him when i saw him in the series.
Never had a chance to own any of his figure til now.
This figure by Bandai is their version of "Hot Toys" Ultraman. (Don't get me wrong, Hot Toys did not produce any Ultraman figures) Let's look at the packaging first and everything will be clear later.

The Back of the box....

 Here you can see why i mentioned that this series is "Hot Toys" version. 
Total of 4 pairs of fists (a Hot Toys signature for their 12" figures).
and some effects of the Ultraman's power beams.
This is a 7" figure with articulation on the neck, collar, shoulders, elbows, wrists, groin, knees, ankles.

Didn't really take alot of pictures of this changing of fists, no photos of Ace using his power beams as i was too excited looking at an accidental acquisition earlier today....

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