Tuesday, August 27, 2013

E-hobby G1 Tigertracks

Quite recently got poisoned by Lamborghini Countach LP500S.
started to look for all the molds using the sideswipe mold and the search lead me to this place...A mail away exclusive released in 2003 through issue 60 of Figure O magazine, it carries the ID No of 90. Also an e-hobby exclusive. This one is getting rarer as each day passes. It's now or never, i told myself...

As per all G1s, artwork on the box is a masterpiece itself. It would be perfect if it was colored.

One of the few artwork which is inclusive of the vehicle mode...in this case an artwork of Countach LP500S!

How can a transformer do without tech specs?

Out of packaging. A pity that one of the missiles is off the tree.
Paperworks sealed in bag.

Nice nice piece....

The biocard. Exact replica of sideswipe's artwork minus the color difference.

The tour begins...you can never go wrong with a G1 mold. Rubber wheels and die cast...in fact, the sideswipe mold and the prowl/streak mold are 2 of the best molds in my view.

Headlights are stuck to the car.

The underside of the car. (it was standing upright...)

Bot mode. One of the most good-looking transformers.
Everyone needs to have a feel of holding a vintage G1 figure. Transform it and roll the car on the ground. You'll discover that for G1 cars, a little effort goes a long way. 

Here it is...the tiger stands beside Sideswipe.
Exactly the same mold, only variance in color. It is a very nice figure to play with and to look at.
If you are into vintages and/or G1s, grab this if you ever come upon a good piece.

ps: i have to start looking for the rest of the countach molds...not the diaclones....hmmm....what else.....


  1. I just started looking for this myself, nice find! What motivated you to go after all the Lambo variations?

    1. what poisoned me? after looking at all the Autobot G1 cars again & again & again....Its the beauty of G1 cars that attracted me. I really like the countach and the fair lady Z molds (Prowl/streak) with the diecast and rubber wheels, to me they are the real masterpieces!

  2. Nice piece man. Blame Maz for your poison, not me! =)

  3. I blame all of you as well. I just picked up MP Tigertrack which is something that should totally be off my radar.

    I also love the Countach, I freak out every time I see one driving down the road.

    1. if you think MP TT is cool, then wait til you get your hands on the REAL Masterpiece....This ehobby G1 Tigertracks!!! or better the diaclone yellow sideswipe!

  4. I've wanted this piece since it was released, but you are right in that it isn't getting any easier to find these days...thanks in part to his new Masterpiece release.

    1. very difficult yes...even more so at a good price...good luck and all the best
      in finding one!!!