Sunday, August 25, 2013

Some Acquistiions and IDW Trailcutter

Some recent acquisitions from a local seller.
IDW Trailcutter, ehobby Tigertracks, Million Publishing 2013 magazine, Ultraman Ace (my favorite ultraman since childhood!), Unique Toys Ironhead (not Headstrong) and Savagebull (not Tantrum).
Quite a few stuffs to talk about, i'll start with the simplest (in my terms), Trailcutter.

A deluxe size figure that comes along with an IDW comic. The cover of the comic serves as the Artwork for the card. in other words the card is plain. Didn't take a photo of the card though.
Instruction sheet is huge, unlike the usual deluxe figure tiny sheets where you have to strain your eyes. This one here, you can use the instruction sheet comfortably.

Some random pages of the comic.

Alternate car (SUV) mode. Somehow, i still miss those rubber wheels from G1 cars. Without rubber, cars nowadays can't roll half as well as their G1 counterparts. Ha! Newer and younger doesn't mean you're better! G1s are like more than 30 years now!

Light piping works well, when the head is not looking straight. When straight, the light is actually blocked by the launcher behind....what a pity.

Bot mode. Overall build is quite okay. I find the shoulders a tat too broad, but not a big complaint. G1 resemblance? Yes. See how the light is blocked from the light piping when the head is straight?

The rear canopy of the SUV is used as a battle shield for the bot mode. 
Overall, the figure is cool. Nice transformation. I like it. Nice toy to play with, nice toy for display.
As a handsome G1 face. Hasbro/TakaraTomy probably didn't think that light piping would be much of a concern...but they are wrong. If there's light piping light should be allowed to go through.
Hey, nothing's PERFECT!

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