Monday, August 26, 2013

Surprise find at CSC! C-99 Grotesque!

This is what got me excited and delighted today.
Was in CSC (China Square Central) for a couple of deals with other collectors...Wife was helping a friend to look for some Ninja turtles figures as cake topper....kiddo was there to look for his Minion Golfer...
As usual, while the wife and kid i walked around the shops, more interested in the shops that are not specialized, selling almost everything under the sky....(The specialised toyshops i feel that they are too close to the market and too opportunistic, not that i don't visit these shops but it it very highly unlikely i'll buy anything from these specialised shops)
So....i went into a shop, caught a glimpse of a Takara Transformers box at a non-prominent shelf high up. I asked to take a look at it....
Box: abit of wear, which is natural for the years that it has survived.
Styrofoam: nice and pristine
Toy: abit dusty but otherwise nice. Fire sparks still work!
Papers: Complete but stickers applied.
Downside is the that some of the stickers on the figure are somewhat peeling off.

There is already a loose piece of a complete Hasbro Grotesque at home...but looking at this, i can't resist a nicely boxed takara piece...then comes the is very well-priced...such that i just took it without thinking...damn! i forgot to bargain!!

The very nice G1 artwork which toys nowadays can never ever match.

The nice nice styrofoam...something vintage fans can't resist. The thing is you can have a nice Hasbro piece but once the bubble is off, it is equivalent to a loose piece because there is no way you can't properly box it back. Things are different with Takara versions...the STYROFOAM.

A 1987 piece that was released with the Headmasters. There are 2 other monsterbots, Doublecross and Repungus (Repungus was never released in Japan, so only Hasbro version)

The loose Hasbro monster along with the Japanese monster....

Always nice to secure a Takara piece...really satisfying and great day for me...oh yes, i managed to secure an Encore Minibots MISB too...a set that i missed and have eluded me for a long time, managed to find it also at a very reasonable price....gosh, what a great day today...the wife got what she came here for...the kiddo found his minion...what a great day!


  1. omg good find! i suppose its the store very close to the escalator? near the tanning shop?

    1. Nope, it's at the ground floor. I have no idea where the tanning shop is...if there is, never paid attention to it.