Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boton 2013 Machine Wars Starscream

This year's Botcon Attendee Exclusive figure, Machine Wars Starscream.
Here's the vintage Machine Wars Starscream...
As mentioned, this figure is given free to all Botcon Attendee, and me of course could not attend and therefore had to turn to ebay for this piece. Why? By now most should have known that i'm a Starscream slut. Except for Movie starscream, i would love to acquire every piece of Starscream out there...but i started too late...but that's besides the point, let's take a look at this Botcon 2013 Exclusive.

Like most Botcon figures, it comes in the double plastic bag, no box, the name of the figure on the outer bag.

Releasing the figure from its plastic prison...using the same mold as Hunt For The Decepticon (HFTD) Terradive, basically just a recolor...butthen again, which Botcon figure isn't?
This mold was also used for the TFCC club figure, Depthcharge.

I had one sent to me as a sample even though my membership with TFCC had expired. Strange.

Here are the shots of the black plane...

As you can see from the shot below, the weapon/axe/fork, whatever you call it,  is in lime green color, which matches the missiles of the vintage Machine Wars Starscream...they are all in lime green...

Bot mode. Color scheme wise, is very similar to that of the vintage Machine Wars Starscream. Don't blame for keep harping of the similarities to vintages...i'm a sucker for vintages!!

Headshot...not exactly a handsome piece....but i can understand. The mold was from HFTD which is a line of the Transformers movie...and generally, the head sculpts from the show are hideous!

Starscream holding his own Biocard.

Quite like the color scheme for this piece. terms of mold, this has to be the bottom 5.
My most hated starscream mold would be Alternity Starscream. (yes, it SUCKS!) 

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