Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Metroplex.

The highly anticipated Metroplex, the biggest Transformer ever!
Yes, Metroplex is slightly taller than Fortress Maximus.
The box is 1/3 smaller than Fort Max. No styrofoam, replacing it is the crappy cardboard tray.
Guess Hasbro didn't put in much effort in the packaging for this fella.
The right arm is dismantled and packed into the small tray. The space in the cardboard tray is really maxed out. they used every little gap they could use.
But on any day, i would welcome a big TF toy!

 Horizontal Boxart on the front fo the box.
 Veritcal back of the box.
 The sides....

The top and bottom.

 Mugshot of FOC Metroplex....

 Scamper with Metroplex...

 Playability is quite good, having 3 modes...The added "new age" articulation is also welcomed.
G1 version of metroplex is well represented here. 
Scamper in bot mode.

 Scamper in alternate mode.

 Put in 02 x AA batteries and the eyes and chest light up along with sounds.

 The instruction sheet is also Titan Class...I find this quite wasteful. Metroplex, whether G1 or FOC, is easy to transform and is very direct. there are no need for instructions, needless to say a titan class one...

 Sticker sheet and sticker instructions are also titan class.

 A size comparison with TFC Hercules....half the size...

 The battle station mode or as the instruction syas Vehicle mode.

 CIty mode.

 In this case, the Fort Max city mode is actually better than FOC Metroplex. For fort max, there is a lift where you can bring a small car up and another button to fire the car out of the cabin. For FOC Metroplex, there is only 1 slide. and the lights.

 Kiddo playing with Metroplex city mode.
As i've mentioned earlier, big TFs are more than welcome. Then comes the headache...where are you going to display him? Box is easy but the bot, to put him on display mode in some fancy poses, space is what you need. Please think carefully of where you are housing him...otherwise if you buy him and keeps him in he sad....
Playability-wise, i would prefer Fort Max. Lights and Sounds add some points for Metroplex but still, toys are all about playability so Fort Max wins.

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  1. Impressive!!! Love that Big Bot. I just ordered the Hong kong Version. I will buy a new vitrine to to display this fella. Whe need a new decepticon to battle whit im. I dont know if a will be interested in metrotitan (a probably repaint of this figure) but, for shure, i will buy the Skorponk. Its not my first choise (i prefer Trypticon) buts still its a good choise.