Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pre-transformers G1 Joustra Starscream

Pre-transformers Joustra Starscream.
Finally got one of these and at a very reasonable price....still aiming for a Diaclone piece.
Too bad the box is abit crappy, almost destroying the precious artwork.
Styrofoam and toys however, are pristine.
Being a starscream fan, i just gotta have one of Diaclone would be my next target.

Missiles off the sprue, it's ok. But somehow, the seller managed to find a diaclone figure and put it in.
Joustra Starscream has no pilot, so this is like a bonus.

Back of the box is also damaged. Not exactly torn but defaced.

the sticker sheet wit 85% of the stickers applied.

And the sticker instructions are behind the sticker sheet.

A real pity that the comic does not come with this piece.
Took out the toy to play and transform but i guess i was too excited to remember to take some photos of the toy...that is why you do not see pics of the robot and alternate mode.
Next, i embark on my search for a Diaclone Starscream, along with secret starscream, Pre-rub starscream.....


  1. Nice one again. Looks like you are amping up the acquisitions there. Good that this comes with bonus diaclone driver figure, yum yum.

    also nice that the sticker application directions are printed behind the sticker sheet.

    1. Thanks but still not the ideal one yet...would love to find one that is a nice box and of course with the comic would be best! have to continue to persevere...

  2. Wow, nice score! Definitely an interesting piece of history and perfect for a Starscream collection!

    1. Thanks man, had to consult a friend and do some research about this piece...apparently, there is comic that should have come along with joustra sets but it is missing and probably the most difficult to find now.