Saturday, August 31, 2013

Transformers G1 Blitzwing

Got this piece, G1 Blitzwing for some time...finally managed to find a slot to setup and take some pictures of the recent figures and along the way, this fella...
Got it from ebay, it says vintage 1985 G1 Bltizwing...loose and complete with his Gyro-blaster Rifle and Electron Scimitar.
didn't really find out if its a takara boxed reissue or an actual 1985 vintage.
To me, so long as it is complete and playable, nothing broken, its good.

Let's look at Blitzwing now....Very blocky...having some of the worst articulation ever...hahaha
but he's still cool....he's a triple changer!! 
thought of getting him after getting the Generations Voyager Blitzwing.
A terror on the battlefield, the G1 toy (given the small size) does not really reflect that. In fact he don't really look decepticon to me...perhaps they should have upsize him (and Astrotrain too!) slightly, into the height of inferno...

One of his alternate mode: Japanese Type-74 assault tank.
Don't know if it's my piece, but the tailfin of the plane mode will fall out (at the bottom of the tank mode) if i lift it up. Only one of the fins is falling out, so i presume its not a factory fault. not a big issue really as you can't really see it when you display blitz in tank mode.

The second alternate mode: Soviet MiG-25 fighter jet.
Frontal and side views look cool...

But its abit odd to have the tank turret sticking out at the back...

"Tell me what's on your mind, or I'll splatter it on the wall and see for myself"
*Artwork Courtesy of Botch The Crab

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