Sunday, September 1, 2013

Transformers G1 Commemorative Reissue Silverstreak

When i decided to pursue the autobot cars, i did not really bother if it is a vintage or a reissue.
So i bought this commemorative Bluestreak off ebay, MISB.
This version is more of Silverstreak then Bluestreak.
Even the anime version is not exactly blue.
There is an ehobby version which is anime accurate, Black and silver.

The autobots cars are in my terms the masterpieces of Transformers....Diecast, rubber wheels, full of playability...articulation is not as advanced as recent toys but that's the beauty of it. that's the attraction. Lesser is better. And the streak/prowl/smokescreen is one fo the best mold ever along with the Countach (Sideswipe) mold.

This commemorative piece comes with stickers applied. I've took it out to transform it once, then it as put on display since. (This is like 2 years ago). Just took it out to play from the display yesterday and discovered that the stickers are peeling off. So much for Quality reissues...vintages are still the best!
Another point to note...the weapon and his missiles are not chromed in this version.
The hobby version and the vintage are all having chromed guns and missiles.

The alternate mode: Datsun Fairlady Z.
I keep repeating, G1 cars + Diecast + rubber wheels = Excellent toy.
Really really missed those rubber wheels on curent collections.

*Artwork courtesy of Botch The Crab


  1. Great figure, one of my favorites as a kid. And I am looking forward to the MP version with great glee!

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha...this version is the only streak version he still do not have!