Monday, September 2, 2013

Transformers G1 Prowl reissue.

Prowl here is similar to Bluestreak, which i posted earlier.
Talking about Prowl was sorta a joke.
When the Takara Boxed Series reissued prowl, i bought it straight away.
A couple of years later, i sold it...when i decided to collect the autobot cars, i bought it again, and of coz at a higher price. Call me stupid.
This piece came MISB, i un-MISBed it, but did not put on the stickers, so here you have it....a naked Prowl. Different from the commemorative, the takara boxes comes with chromed weapons and missiles.

Always a nice piece to play with ....

The alternate mode: Datsun 280ZX

*Artwork courtesy of Botch The Crab


  1. aren't you excited about the masterpiece series one to be released? i can't wait for it :D

    1. Masterpiece? excited? yes...but to me really, G1 cars are the real masterpiece. hehehe