Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bathing Ape G1 Optimus Prime Red Camo

Bathing Ape (BAPE) G1 Optimus Prime Red Camo.
Bathing Ape does it again! This time reissue G1 Optimus Prime in Red Camo.
Til date they have issued 3 camo versions: Green, Grey (Here!) and Red. I believe looking at the money it is bringing in, there will be a few more colors to come.
Mold, technical details has no change absolutely at all. Pure recolor. Zero effort.
The front of the box, other than the color is red now, nothing surprising.

Top of the box.

Closeup of the artwork, Red Optimus Prime.

Side of the box.

Back of the box.

Bottom of the box.

Bio card (front)

Bio card (back)

It's S$149....Yen has fallen yet the price has increased from S$139.90?

 Instruction sheet.

Maroon colored Roller

Standard G1 Optimus Prime accessories pack, note the maroon fists.

Front of the cab.

Maroon Head.

BAPE logo on the shoulder.

Look Mum! Maroon legs!!

Internals of the trailer.

Artwork on the internal of the trailer.

Internals are mainly red and maroon.

 Close up on the face. Paint job for the eyes not well executed. abit sloppy as you can see the yellow paint going out of the optics.

Smoked chrome on the grills as per the grey Camo Prime.

Serial number of some sorts.

Just another color variant of the G1 Prime mold.
But just by playing for awhile, i can feel that this piece is not as "minty" as the rest, probably mold degradation...missed out on the green version as it was in a very limited quantity and didn't really wanted to splurge on the green truck. The grey and red has at least 100 pieces so more easily acquired.
But for the next few color variants, i would expect a poorer quality....unless they change to a new mold. doubt they will do that.


  1. Just getting back into toy collecting and I always wanted a G1 Optimus Prime. But the G1 toy is so common and well known that I've never been able to get exited about owning one.

    I think I've found my fix with Bape's G1 Prime here... Love the deco on this! That crazy red camo pops beautifuly, and the maroon/brown gives this a weird vintage vibe, love it.

    Sweet smoked chrome and custom stickers just make it that much better. Hope he isn't priced too crazy these days. Gotta get one.