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Transformers Masterpiece MP-15 Rumble & Ravage

Transformers Masterpiece MP-15 Rumble & Ravage
Somewhat an add-on to MP-13 Soundwave, here's the first pair of cassettes released separately.
To me RIBFIR...Have always been referring the blue cassette robot to Rumble and Frenzy is red/black, as i've been influence by the G1 cartoon since young. Didn't even know when they switched or when i got it wrong. but that is besides the point. We are talking about the masterpieces here.
I have always been a fan of the cassettes since young especially Rumble!!!

First we look at the box, the usual TakaraTomy Masterpiece box which never disappoint me, the box is a must to compliment the masterpiece build/series. To have this in the Hasbro packaging, is just not right.

The packaging for the exclusive coin, something which recently TT likes to do...issue a coin together with the figure, an excuse to charge higher? The packaging is in an interesting cassette format...

One coin instead of 2...made sense to choose Frenzy to grace the outlook of the coin...

Biocard...they saved on this one as well, putting both Rumble and Ravage onto one my view, they should have individual cards as both of them are equally awesome!!

First look at Masterpiece Laserbeak, not a partsformer which is a great thing!
Missile Rockets are attached to the thighs and incorporated into the alternate cassette mode.

Front paws/legs are articulated which makes it more difficult to balance but more variety of poses.

A comparison with G1 Ravage, Classics Ravage (that came together with Classics/Henkei Hound)
The smallest of the lot, but MP Ravage still packs a punch comparatively.
Suddenly, the classics Ravage (with no rockets) drops to the bottom of the league in my books.
Because i still find G1 Ravage super sexy! the main issue for the G1 version is balance.
All 3 cassettes modes are similar.
Same sizes that can fit into G1 Soundwave or MP Soundwave.

Ravages queing up...

MP Rumble...still having difficulty to acknowledge that Rumble is red...RUMBLE IS BLUE!!!!
anyway, Frenzy is now given the Masterpiece treatment. Articulation at the shoulders, elbows, thighs, knees for more pose ability. But the blasters are rather small...the waist extension is a nice touch though.

Frenzys Fall IN!!
From Left: Perfect Effect Shadow warrior, MP-15 Frenzy, G1 Frenzy, TFU Frenzy

Side view...

Compared to G1 brother...but the MP face sculpt is nicer and the shoulder looks more natural...on ebig improvement is that we no longer need to be wary of the spring losing tension. The MP Frenzy's head rotates and folds back, unlike G1 Frenzy's pop out head. when the spring is weak, you have to pull out the head manually.

Compared to Perfect Effect's Shadow warrior, i prefer the outlook on the shadow warrior but pity that it don't transform into a cassette (perhaps that's the reason it looks better!) and way too over-priced for a tiny figure like that. Of course, this shadow warrior you see is repainted into Frenzy colors.

oh yah, and hey! where's the chrome for the blasters?!!!!

Head sculpt probably represents G1 the best!

Creating an earthquake with the pile drivers. No idea but the first time i saw such pile drivers for the G1 Frenzy, they were made by a customizer, who cast the parts for sales.

Both blasters can be kept in the pile drivers.

Cassettes are same sized and of coz, can fit into both G1 Soundwave and/or MP Soundwave.

Pile drivers pack together in the holder.

Each pile is extendable to simulate Frenzy causing havoc poses.

Typically, i wasn't disappointed with the MP Frenzy and Ravage mold. but as always, i lament the fact that there is no diecast. Build is fine too. But somehow, probably due to the blockiness, i prefer both G1 Ravage and G1 Frenzy.

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  1. The coin is not from TT. If u buy directly from Japan, say AmiAmi, HLJ etc, u will not receive the coin. The coin is made by Hasbro and is given out free.