Monday, March 4, 2013

Mech Ideas DC01 Apex (Not Top Spin) DC02 Geminus (Not Twin Twist)

Not Transformers...another 3rd party companies going into Transformers...
This time it's Mech Ideas with their rendition of the Jumpstarters, Twin Twist and Top Spin.
Deluxe sized. These brothers pack lots of details.
No stickers, making these 2 bots really plain looking but alot of potential for repaint.
The build is very sharp and crisp. Transformation is easy and straight forward.
I must say that this is one of the better (if not the best) 3rd party product that is made so well. (Fansproject watch out!) Joints are pretty tight of the feet tilt for each of the bots are a tad loose, otherwise it will be perfect!
Lotsa poseability...they even have the same instruction sheet (which goes to show how simple the transformation is...)

 Lotsa details and articulation is not disappointing.

One of the few transformers who can hold a hammer with both hands...both bots come with a hammer each.

Somehow, i felt that "not Top Spin" is not as "barbaric" as "not Twin Twist", therefore i never posed "not Top Spin" using the hammer. 

The stuffs is want to complain about is that the bots are just too plain, but then again the Jumpstarters are typically plain looking. So, i'm definitely going to paint both of them!!
The arms are also too long.when standing straight upright and the arms fully stretched, they are touching the knee..


  1. Love those back to back poses!! Classic stuff man.

  2. Nice pictures, these are not Throttlebots though but were called Jumpstarters.