Thursday, August 30, 2012

Transformers Masterpiece MP-11S Sunstorm

Transformers MP-11S Masterpiece Sunstorm
A starscream new mold repaint...
MP-03 mold to me is already one of the best mold for MPs.
But MP-11 really kills the competition.
Now to milk more money out of us, they come out with more repaints...

The "limited edition" coin that comes along with Sunstorm...recently the toy makers like to do this...issue a coin together with the toy, actually serves no purpose....

The front of the box. they should have left out the cape, crown and shoulder pads...those belong exclusively to Starscream and Starscream only!
The back of the box, which is identical to that of Starscream's
Following are some close ups of the box....
Bio Card - front
Bio Card - back
Instruction booklet - front
Instruction booklet - back
But for the MP seeker mold, there's no need for instructions! i can do it with my arms behind my back!
The arms have the flaming pattern...
so does the shoulders....what you call it?
air brushed wings with 2 tones...
Face is similar to that of MP-11.
Bling bling accessories...

The yellow/orange is somewhat too light...would have been perfect should they use a darker shade...
seeing this Sunstorm repaint...i'm smelling more repaints...skywarp....thundercracker...etc...could be hell if they decide to repaint this mold into the rainmakers....really hell...


  1. I really like the colors on Sunstorm, but I think you are right, they should have left the cape and crown out. If they would have done that I probably would have bought it.

  2. I too agree that the cape and crown should be stars cream exclusive, but given his limited background story, not much of accessories to give him eh?

  3. If they left the cape crown out, the price would probably be lower...
    @ Eric: no accessories then issue him without anything, just like the original MP-03 MP Starscream, no accessories.

  4. true true, actually i would have loved to get the display stand :)

  5. Like mention, I could do without the cape and crown. those and the coin just serves no purpose. Not such a fan of the flames either....

  6. i was really hoping that it'll be like the e-hobby colours :|