Monday, August 20, 2012

Tokyo Toy Fair 2012 Black Henkei Convoy

Transformers Tokyo Toy Fair 2012 Black Henkei Convoy
This was released together with the Shining Optimus Prime, which is the clear version of the Transformers Prime First Edition Optimus Prime Mold...i'll cover that later..
The toymakers finally released this piece...
The Black Henkei Convoy was mothballed for many years, having the first glimpse in 2007 as a wonderfest special? Very limited prototypes in the market and definitely alot of K.Os...
but believe me, i have the K.O version as well, th quality is nowhere near the original...ditto about the wonderfest prototype though...

Compared to the Universe Nemesis Convoy, this one looks so much better with the red windows.
Blue windows are just not fierce enough for Nemesis Convoy!!
Comparing this to the K.O piece, the quality is really excellent for the original...
The face sculpt is clearer and well-defined.
Transformation is smoother and the parts where it clicks and fits together, actually fits nicely.
Really glad they finally issued the wonderfest prototype is super rare as well as super expensive!!

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