Monday, January 11, 2010

Transformers Battle Stars: C-372 Star Convoy

Transformers Battle Stars: Return Of Convoy
STAR CONVOY (Optimus Prime)
Finally managed to own this piece to complete my Return Of Convoy Collection (Autobots).
This is not the vintage version but the re-issue version.
Soon, i'll post the combined pictures of Star Convoy, Sky Garry and Grandus!!!
Wanted to look for a loose one...but this MIB piece came along and i grabbed it!!
The box has a small dent but otheriwse, everything's perfect!!
No yellowing, Stickers unapplied.

Some Bio on Battlestars: Return Of Convoy...

Battlestars: Retrun Of Convoy is the penultimate part of the Japanese Transformers continuity and features the rebirth of Convoy (optimus Prime) as Star Convoy. Alongside his cybertron (autobots) allies, Star Convoy battles the evil super Megatron and the mysterious Dark Nova.

Battlestars depicts Convoy revived by the Destrons (Decepticons) after his death in Headmasters initially as the evil False Convoy. He battles the Cybertrons but is defeated and then reborn as the Ultimate Cybertron Commander Star Convoy with Zone Energy. Star Convoy is also reunited with Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) as his micromaster partner. Galvatron, thought to be buried alive and trapped forever in the Arctic during hedamasters, is reformed into Super Megatron by Dark Nova and proceeds to battle with Star Convoy and the other Cybertrons, including Grandus, Skygarry and Sixliner.

After initially defeating the cybertons, Super Megatron gets subsequently destroyed by them. Dark Nova then rebuilds him into Ultra Megatron. Despite being even more powerful than before, Ultra Megatron is again defeated by Star Convoy and the Cybertrons, but in near-death, merges with Dark Nova to become Star Giant, a six-armed, tentacled mechanical beast. Star Convoy and the Cybertrons battle and eventually defeat Star Giant, ending the series.

Star Convoy is briefly mentioned in the sequel Operation Combination, as having left Earth to do battle with the mysterious, next Destron Emperor of destruction Scrash in outer space.

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