Sunday, January 31, 2010

Custom Autobot Starscream....Starfire

This is a custom repaint of Universe Starscream...The Autobot version of Starscream...STARFIRE!!

He is hand painted with enamels. Articulated hands and a LED lavablast cannon.
Character Bio: Starscream was frustrated with not able to overthrow Megatron...he decided to switch to the Autobots faction just to "show" that Megatron cannot defeat him if he was with the opposition side, that he was the main reason why Autobots cannot defeated the Decepticons. He wanted to prove that he was a better leader.

True enough, alongside with Jetfire, he led the Aerialbots into a convincing victory in a battel where Dirge and Thrust perished.

Incorporating the Starburst pulse cannon into his arms and fists, he surprised the Decepticons when he pulverised Thrust in a single blast. To top that, the lava blast cannon which perceptor gave him demolished the fleeing Dirge...

But given the traitor he one knows for how long he will stay an Autobot.....

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