Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Elusive Diaclone Bluestreak.....FINALLY!!!!

July 2015, i managed to snag a loose Diaclone Blue Bluestreak....that temporary satisfied my "thirst" for Bluestreak for was not long that i started to look for a MIB piece....for the next 6 - 7 months, i have probably seen only 2 pieces up for sales...but the prices ended at ridiculous prices...disappointed, i continued to wait and wait till a nice, reasonably priced piece comes my way...For collecting, most of the time, i would go by: Patience will pay off, there will be a piece that comes along just nice. (okay, sometimes it's hard not to grab that pricey piece but...)
okay, i'm a Starscream slut and am still looking for a Diaclone Screamer but Bluestreak comes in at a close second if not on par....let's not divert the attention from this piece, one of the highly sought after version of the Fairlady mold.

Nice minty box with no visible scuffles, tears, dents whatsoever....the left flap has a corner sticking out but hey, this is more than 30 years old!

Here's the loose Bluey (Heroic Decepticon my friend, hope you didn't trademark the nic!) with his newly arrived twin brother, trying to show him who's da boss.

Bottom of the box

Top of the box

Back of the box

Side of the box, both sides are similar.

Insert is nice, well-kept totally.

Blue with her Diaclone Driver....

Group shot

The Box Art.

Nice pictorial cross-section 

The un-KO-able blue chrome and the blue translucent roof.

Round (Diaclone or early TF) Takara stamp

and the un-mistakeable 2-tone blue of the diaclone fairlady.

This one didn't come with any papers but really...i'm really satisfied already, like a dream come true.
Missiles are the normal TF version instead of the diaclone missiles.
But everything else is Diaclone. Box, inserts and the toy is minty though used.

oh yes...almost at the same time...i managed to get a Diaclone Clampdown as well...but now let's leave the stage to Bluey!!!

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