Saturday, March 12, 2016

Favourite Buys in 2015...yes...its late but better than never...

Late, but better late than never right?
These are my 5, or rather 6 favourite acquisitions in year 2015....been wanting to post this but seriously, schedules are tight such that posting here has less priority.
1. Joustra Starscream - Got a piece with a much nicer box and styrofoam. Though its missing some parts.
2. Takara C-108 Targetmaster Artfire MIB unused- broke the bank to get it...sick of waiting and hoping.
3. Takara D-309 Black Shadow MIB unused - Not as costly as Artfire but still had to break the bank...
4. Diaclone Bluestreak - Loose. Got this off Yahoo Japan...1 Bluestreak is never enough...i need more! MIB please!
5. Diaclone Yellow Sideswipe. MIB unused. It's a COuntach what else can i say. Will probably do a comparison with the e-hobby Tigertracks some time soon..
6. Probably my favourite here: Lucky Draw Secret Starscream. Complete MIB unused. This was released in 2001 as you can see that the box is the exact same box for the Takara 22 Reissue starscream. Fully clear body with red metal body. So glad that i was able to get this. According to, there are only 5 pieces of the secret starscream in the world!

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