Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Diaclone Countach LP500S Yellow Sideswipe

Hot on the heels of Bluey, I present Diaclone Yellow Sideswipe or as some call it, Tigertracks (for ehobby reissue)
Well actually, i got the Yellow swipe before Bluestreak, just that was i really excited that i talked about Bluestreak first...
Here's Sideswipe in his yellow outfit...a pretty nice version of the Countach mold, lots of Diecast (which is similar to the regular TF & reissues mold as well, i love diecast, so the extra mention)
This is a nice used piece with used sticker sheet and the Diaclone catalog and instruction sheet. Missiles are off-sprue...a really pretty version i must say.

Nope, i do not have multiples of this moderately rare item...the one which is in the bot mode is the Ehobby Tigertracks (or reissue yellow sideswipe).

 As per all diaclone boxes, there will be a pictorial cross-section of the car....

 Side of the box

Hobby vs Diaclone....

Wit her good'o yellow diaclone driver....

Since there are 2 versions of the yellow swipe, thought i'd show some differences...these differences may have been highlighted in other webbies or forum, but no harm showing again right?

First up, the headlights....diaclone on the right shows the Mis-spelled "Rallye" the reissue shows "Rally" 

Insides of the feet (or behind the feet) Single ridge on the Diaclone (right) and 3 ridges for the reissue (Left)

Under the bonnet: No stamping on the diaclone (right) Hasbro/Takara stamping for the reissue

 Black triangle on the door: Stickered on the diaclone (top) painted on the reissue (bottom)

Rear of the bot: Takara stamping for Diaclone (right) and nothing on the reissue (left)

Chest pegs: Well-rounded on the diaclone (right) Curvature instead of rounded on the reissue (left)

These are the few tell-tale signs to check out for in case someones dumps a reissue into a diaclone box for sale...

Personally i do not see the Diaclone Yellow Sideswipe available for sales that often BUT at the same time, do not see it as one of the highly sort after Diaclones. Perhaps it does not appeal that much to collectors compared to Bluestreak and Marlboor Wheeljack. In addition, there is a reissue by ehobby and the reissue is not exactly too far off. It is actually quite a nice toy to play with and enjoy.
I go the ehobby reissue first and this was sort of an incidental it off a good friend who feels that i love this more than him...well, i do and this is now sitting proudly in my cabinet...

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