Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fairlady Streaking Around...

Should have posted this for a long time….
After Starscream, Bluestreak is probably my next favourite G1 mold.
Nissan Fairlady car mode…very nice! 
Was poisoned time and time again by my good collector buddy who is the ultimate Streak fan.
I am now so poisoned that the only antidote is more streak….

 By advice, i managed to snag myself a pre-rub streak. Really an art piece, the quality and the feel of the pre-rub brings out the excitement in me. I still can remember the feeling very clearly when i have this piece in my hands, MISB…the feeling of opening up a 1984 Transformer toy, just like when i was a kid, the excitement… (except now i'm very much more careful)

Pictured here is the picture of the pre-rub streak, returned back into his box. Plastic prison? probably but i have a couple of streaks more, so i still get my taste of fiddling with streaks now and then.

Here are the other 2 streaks…the Commemorative Reissue Streak and the e-hobby anime (black hood) Bluestreak. Photos coming up next are pictures of the reissues.

Why is Bluestreak called BLUEstreak when it is not blue, one may ask. Even Bluestreak in the 1980s cartoon was silver and black hooded.
This has been explained several times in many forums and several blogs.  I shall not bore you guys further…

October 2014: I had the chance to visit my good buddy, Heroic Decepticon at his apartment in Hong Kong...yes, we managed to meet despite the Hong Kong protest.
really an eye-opener…His display is so cool that i wanted to mimic to my own display. Not to mention that his collection is second to none (exaggerating, yes…probably second to not many :D)

One of my main objective was to see the Diaclone Blue Bluestreak in the flesh and i did!

Here i am, holding the fabled Blue Bluestreak.

Had the chance to play both the Diaclone version as well as the GiG version. wait, and the Diaclone blackhooded streak as well. Damn! so many streaks he has!

So engrossed in playing with the cars, i didn't know he sneaked a few photos that caught me in the act.

Looking at these diaclone pieces really pushes me to want to own 1 of these and i have to step up to look for one…and especially need help of friends and collectors if they chance upon one…
The toy is very very solid, the fine details are painfully straight with well-cut lines. No regrets in getting one…ever.

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