Monday, April 1, 2013

Transformers Encore 23 G1 Fortress Maximus. YES!

Yes yes yes!!!!
Finally reissued. Encore 23 Fortress Maximus!
On foam tray too!! Yipee!!!!
TT probably figured that plastic trays won't work for a figure that heavy. But they could have followed the Brave Max packaging using cardboard...but foam!!! WOW!!! Really happy to see styrofoam back in Transformers packaging. I mean when was the last time?!!

The box




The Artwork...typical vintage!!

The coin holder

and ta dah!!! the exclusive coin...

 Looks more like a badge as they continue with the coins collection.

An extra gift that comes together with the encore...a handphone jack protector....a cast of the fortress maximus's head in DIECAST!!!

Packaging of the free gift.


Instruction sheet...did not open...i know the fort inside out...and could transform him with my eyes closed.

The Master Sword

The accessories that come in a bag.

Beauty in foam.

 Currently the biggest transformer til date steps out of the foam tray..

Cerebros: Alternate Fort Max mode.

Spike: Alternate Cerebros head mode

Head on!!


Getting ready for war...

Battle station mode.

Top view of the battle station.

Autobot City mode...the kiddo loves this mode the best! Most play value!

Red knob to raise and lower the car elevator

This is where the car goes in and the elevator is raised.

The red rectangle button/lever, upon depressed, will push the car out and down the slope.
The radar, can be rotated using a dial at the side.
Kiddo playing with fort max immediately, bringing out all his minature toy cars.

Even Thomas and friends are parked in fort max.

One thing i noticed was that the ramp for the left hand had stress marks...its on the lever that you can use to push forward, launching the car on the red ramp forward.

Cerebros with his master sword.

With his blaster.

Spike, sitting in the city tower.

Absolutely love this! Will get to putting the stickers on, but will take abit as there are ALOT of stickers...bit lazy to really get on with it.
Apart from the stressmark on the left hand ramp, eveyrthing's cool.
TakaraTomy, bring on GRAND MAX next!!!


  1. I opted to skip the reissue since I have the original, but if Takara Tomy pulls out a Grand Max I highly doubt I'll be sitting on the sidelines.

    1. it is possible....since they have already pull out the mold, might as well milk more money out of it...that is unless they lost the mold for the pretender shell...

  2. I have to confess - While this has been my first-ever "Day 1" pre-order, there was a point of time where I could not get excited about getting this. But now, all the classic aspects tied to the styrofoam is coming back to me.

    Such as the Cerebros Vs. Spike and Fortress Vs. Cerebros aspects. The addition of the Master Sword. And the question if Cerebros (sans his Fortress form) would have been acknowledged as the Supreme Commander. And if he was the sole Supreme Commander in Masterforce.

    So for me, I am once again excited about this piece. Because I get to spend the rest of my days talking about the differences between the Hasbro and Takara (Tomy) versions... As well as get to admire him as he is the centerpiece of my entire "best of" collection. :)

    Oh, and because I am getting the Japanese release, I am jelly about the coin. And I never wanted any of the other coins. ;)

    1. yeah man, the styrofoam really rocks!
      and this piece, if you compare closely with the vintage, you might find that the quality on the reissue might not be as good. probably due to mold degradation or something, the plastic flashes are not well taken care of. the sprues are cut off but very roughly.